Introducing: Surprised By Shoreline

In 2016, the City of Shoreline launched Surprised by Shoreline, a new marketing campaign to celebrate the many perks of our small city that borders Seattle to the north. We know most Shoreline residents love their city, but most outsiders are not exactly sure why. Typically, after a short rundown of the many convincing reasons, these skeptics become (you guessed it) surprised by Shoreline!

The City of Shoreline figured it was time to help its ambassadors have these conversations, so we developed, a one-stop digital hub of Shoreline’s greatest hits, complete with fun, informative, and shareable infographics, maps and videos, even a downloadable coloring book!

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What’s the deal with the Sasquatch?

To help the curious get surprised by Shoreline, we’d like you to meet a new Shoreline ambassador: Squatch. Squatch is the friendly Sasquatch who has lived in Shoreline for years, but since people know so little about Shoreline, they think he’s been hiding. Squatch wants to bust myths about Shoreline and help everyone to learn more about its wonderful people and places. You’ll see him and his mythical friends (like Nugget the jackalope and Nessie the Loch Ness monstress) on the website, in videos, at events, and even on the sides of buses encouraging those who “don’t know Squatch about Shoreline” to learn more at!

Hello Squatch