Our People

Demographic infographic

The culture and diversity of Shoreline is growing, with residents representing a variety of ethnicities, ages, incomes, interests, and politics. Mark Hinsaw, Shoreline City Hall designer, perfectly describes what’s happening in Shoreline in his 2015 article in Crosscut, “Seattle may be seeing a decrease (aka displacement) in certain population groups, but those folks are replenishing older, inner-ring towns that were, not too long ago, mono-cultural bastions of the white middle class.”

But this story goes beyond race and ethnicity. We are students, entrepreneurs, recording artists, restaurateurs, and volunteers. Several local Shoreline restaurants were recently named favorites of Seattle Chef Eric Tanaka of Tom Douglas restaurants. And no matter who we are or what we do, we support our City. Over the past decade, residents have passed levies to help fund improvements to city parks and trails, and maintain community and human services, our schools, and crime prevention programs.